About Us

Matthew Miner, Brent Mitchell, Brad Keys

We are a small indie game studio based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Our goal is to create fun games with great replay value that you can experience with friends. Our passion for multiplayer and the roguelike genre is unmatched. We strive to improve, innovate, and evolve the genres we develop.

You can often find us at local game jams, as well as Unity meetups and events. If we're not there, it's likely because we are caught up in an intense game of The Resistance and someone needs to come tell us to stop.


Rebel Hippo was founded in 2011 by Brad Keys and Matthew Miner after winning the first Velocity Venture Fund competition from the University of Waterloo with their pitch for Lumos game analytics.

Lumos was primarily worked on part-time as a hobby. During development thousands of games registered on Lumos, leading the company to land an investment in 2013 allowing the founders to work full-time. Lumos was completely overhauled and offered new features such as leaderboards, achievements, user profiles, and remote error logging.

In 2014 the studio expanded development to include mobile games and contract game development services. They created their first in-house game, the action-packed Orbert.

In 2015 the studio began designing Just Pretend, a roguelike action adventure game for consoles and PC/Mac. A prototype has been developed and they are currently raising funding to complete production. Follow our blog and social media for the latest updates.